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Let West Texas’ wedding specialists, Boyd’s Events, team up with you to create some wedding magic.


We love weddings! Whether you’re a ‘country club bride’ or a ‘Walmart bride’ (like most of us are!) or somewhere in between, we have a package that is perfect for you!

It gets better: you pretty much determine how much you pay by which services fit your dreams and budget!

Boyd’s Events has all the party pleasing services brides in Midland, Ft. Worth, and San Angelo crave including simply awesome DJs and MCs, photo booths, gorgeous fairy-tale lighting, and event drapery.

What this means is we can help transform a very plain hall into an extraordinary venue that looks like it should be expensive, only it isn’t! Boyd’s Events are the masters of transformation. Holding your reception in a barn? We’ll make it look like a palace!

Boyd’s Events consists of a team of wedding experts who are experienced in many wedding styles. From a small backyard wedding to a seated dinner at the country club, our mission is to work with your style and personality to create a truly unique celebration.

Our DJ / MCs are fluent mixers of all music genres. Watch us fit your music tastes perfectly! Ready for the friendly, fun, professionals from Boyd’s Events?

Call now. Tell us about your wedding dreams! 432-262-1951

But first, check our availability